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My Magic Adventures Globe is showing “Device Error” on the screen after I installed an Expansion Pack.

If the screen on your globe is showing a "Device Error" massage on the screen, please perform the following steps to reset your globe:

1.    Remove all batteries from the Globe.

2.    Open the LeapFrog Connect Application for the Magic Adventures Globe on your computer.

3.    Using the included LeapFrog USB Cable, connect the USB cable to your computer.

NOTE – It is important to use the included LeapFrog USB cable.  Other USB cables may not be of high quality and could be a power cable only, not power + data.

4.    On the Globe, press and hold the Volume Up + button.

5.    Connect the other end of the USB cable to the Globe while still holding the Volume Up + button

6.    When LeapFrog Connect recognizes that the Globe is connected and shows a spinning icon, release the Volume Up + button.

7.    The Globe will begin to factory reset and re-install all content.

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  • 08-Nov-2023