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How do I get expansion content (i.e. Adventure Packs)?
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  1. Go to, and download the Magic Adventures Globe version of LeapFrog Connect.
  2. After installation, connect your globe to your computer via the supplied USB cable.
  3. After it powers on and is successfully recognized in the LeapFrog Connect application, you can browse available expansion content by selecting the App Center tab at the top of the screen.
  4. After purchasing your expansion content in the App Center, return to the LeapFrog Connect application and click the “Check for new content” link. You should see you purchased content icon appear and it will begin installing the content automatically. Note that this will typically take several minutes given the size of the video files being installed and is also dependent upon your internet connection.
  5. After the content finishes installing to your globe, disconnect the USB cable, and power on your globe. You will find the expansion content in two places:
  • a new icon will appear in the default “EXPLORE” mode .
  • a new game will appear in the “ADVENTURE PACKS” mode. Tap “ADVENTURE PACKS” with the stylus, then select the “B” icon beneath the screen to launch the game.

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