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How do I remove files from my Leapster Explorer?

The files on your Leapster Explorer handheld can be managed using the On My Leapster Explorer page of the LeapFrog Connect application.

To manage the files on your Leapster Explorer handheld:

1. Turn on your handheld and connect it to your computer with the USB cable.
2. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application. On the LeapFrog Connect home screen, click the "ENTER" or "START HERE" button in the My Toys section near the top of the screen.
3. In the My Toys screen, Choose a player name to enter the Leapster Explorer view.
4. Click the On My Leapster Explorer tab in the left navigation column.
5. To remove a file, uncheck the box, then click the "Save Changes" button.
6. To add a file back to the Leapster Explorer handheld, check the box to the left of the title and sync by clicking the "Save Changes" button.
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  • 19-Jan-2016