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Leapster Explorer Game Compatibility

Leapster Explorer cartridges are fully compatible with the LeapPad Explorer tablet.

The previous platforms Leapster2, Leapster Classic,  and LMax Gaming System are not compatible with the Leapster Explorer Handheld.

The Leapster Explorer is several "tech" generations ahead of our other Leapster Platforms. In order for it to deliver the premium, powerful mobile learning experiences it's capable of, we had to make the difficult decision to "break' with Leapster game compatibility. If we had maintained cartridge compatibility, we would have lost much of the functionality, like finger-touch screen, hi-resolution, 3-D graphics, video, and e-books playability. We will continue to support Leapster2 with a 40 + title library, including new games.

All stand-alone Didj games are forward-compatible with the new Leapster Explorer handheld; however, the games were not designed for the Leapster Explorer, therefore, they will play without touch screen capability and customization options such as Skill Selector.

We also strongly recommend that parents eject the Didj cartridges from the Leapster Explorer device, as Leapster Explorer does not have the same spring-loaded eject button designed for the Didj handeld, which will make the Didj cartridges difficult for little hands to grip and remove.

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  • 12-Jan-2016