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Leapster Explorer or LeapsterGS Explorer screen is not responding to the stylus

First, check if the screen protector sticker is still on the Leapster Explorer screen. If it is, remove the screen sticker to improve the responsiveness of the touch screen. If the sticker has already been removed, you can calibrate the touch screen.

Follow these steps to calibrate the touch screen:

-Begin with the Leapster Explorer POWERED OFF.

-Hold down the QUESTION MARK button

-Continue to hold the QUESTION MARK button and turn the unit on using the power button.


-Once the unit turns on and is on the CALIBRATION SCREEN you can let go on the QUESTION MARK button.

-Touch the crosshair icon with the stylus. A large crosshair icon will appear in the center of the screen.

-Touch this icon with the stylus and this will bring up the SCREEN CALIBRATION procedure.

-Touch each of the crosshairs (5 in all) with the stylus as they appear.

-Press the B button to exit as the calibration is completed. 

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  • 12-Jan-2016