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The Leapster Explorer screen says I must download LeapFrog Connect
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Make sure you have downloaded the Leapster Explorer plug-in for LeapFrog Connect.

Please click here to download the installer.


If you already have the Leapster Explorer version of the LeapFrog Connect application, please check the following:

1. Your device must have charged batteries installed and be powered on in order to communicate with your computer.
2. Do you have a firewall? You may need to update your firewall settings to allow the LeapFrog Connect application to communicate with the Leapster Explorer handheld. Click here for more information.
3. Did the LeapFrog Connect application tell you that the device needed to be updated or repaired when you connected it? If so, try turning the power off and on again, or disconnect it and reconnect the device and then follow the instructions to repair or update the device.
4. Try connecting your device to other available USB ports.
5. If devices other than your keyboard and mouse are connected to other USB ports (especially external hard drives or thumb drives), remove these devices and try connecting again.
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