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Leapster Explorer Charging Station not working
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To properly recharge the battery pack:


1) Insert the battery pack into the Leapster Explorer handheld and tigthten the screw to secure the battery pack to the handheld.

2) With the Leapster Explorer powered off, place the handheld onto the recharging base.

3) Make sure the green lights on both sides of the base are glowing solid. The light on the right side will turn off after approximately 4 hours, or when the charge completes.

4) If the green light is blinking when the Explorer handheld is placed on the base, a proper connection may not be established.  Please remove the handheld from the base and then reposition it on the base until the lights glow solid.


Note: the Leapster Explorer rechargeable battery pack will experience degraded performance after approximately 300 full charge/discharge cycles.  

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