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Error 52: Update Software

Q: When I try to connect my Leapster Explorer to my computer, I encounter the following error message:

"LeapFrog Connect is having trouble communicating with your handheld. Please turn your Leapster Explorer off and on again.  If you continue to experience problems you may need to update the software on your handheld."

A: To force an update to the latest Firmware version on your Leapster Explorer:

1. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application while connected to the Internet to ensure LeapFrog Connect gets the latest Leapster Explorer Firmware update packages. Wait for LeapFrog Connect to finish downloading updates (the message center will stop displaying “Downloading Leapster Explorer updates…”).

2. While the Leapster Explorer is in the OFF state, hold the Left shoulder, Right shoulder, and Hint(?) button. Then, while pressing all 3 buttons, power on the Leapster Explorer.

3. The device will show the following “Tune Up” screen. Do not proceed until the device shows this screen.

4. While the device is showing the “Tune up” screen, connect the Leapster Explorer to the computer used in step 1.

5.  LeapFrog Connect will automatically start installing the latest firmware, showing a tune-up progress bar on the computer screen.

6. When finished, the progress bar will go away and the Leapster Explorer should be connected (showing the eject button).

7. To ensure the latest firmware is installed, eject the Leapster Explorer by clicking on the eject button and follow these steps to check the Firmware version on the Leapster Explorer:

To determine the firmware version:

  • Turn on the Leapster Explorer
  • While the Leapster Explorer is on the "SIGN IN" screen, Press: Right Shoulder, Left Arrow, and the Hint(?) button all at the same time
  • The Parents Settings screen will display
  • Click on the icon that looks like an "i" with a circle around it on the far right side of the screen
  • The number next to "Firmware" is the Leapster Explorers current firmware version, which should be above 1.1.63
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  • 30-Aug-2016