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What are micromods and how do they work with Leapster Explorer, Leapster GS and LeapPad?

Micromods let your child change or enhance his/her favorite Leapster Explorer, Leapster GS and LeapPad games. Micromods include new game music, character clothing, game modes, special moves, etc.

Visit the Rewards tab in your LeapFrog Connect application to download micromods for games you own.

Please note:

LeapPad Ultra with WiFi connection, micromods will automatically download for the games that use this feature.

LeapPad3, LeapPad Platinum and LeapFrog Epic with WiFi connection, micromods can be 'purchased' using tokens accumulated durling game play. To access, click on the star icon on the home screen.

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  • 01-Feb-2016