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LeapPad3 only shows blue dots at the bottom of screen

If the LeapPad3 boots up to a screen that looks like this:

These steps should correct the issue:

1. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application on your computer (If LeapFrog Connect for LeapPad is not installed on your computer, it may downloaded at

2. Put the LeapPad into "connection needed" mode by simultaneously holding down the Right D-Pad and Home button while powering the LeapPad on:

3. When the LeapPad shows the above screen, plug the LeapPad into the computer.

4. When the sync is complete, disconnect the LeapPad3 from the computer. The LeapPad should now boot up normally.

If you encounter a "Memory Full" error message during the above steps, try going to the "On This LeapPad" tab in LeapFrog Connect, then click on the "Add Music & Remove Files" button. Then click on the "Videos" tab. If there are any videos here, delete some videos to free up space, then try to complete the sync.

If the LeapPad3 still boots up to the screen with the blue dots after following the above steps, resetting the LeapPad will fix this problem:

1. With the LeapFrog Connect application running on the computer, press and hold down on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + R (on a Mac this would be Command + Shift + R)

2. A pop up window on the computer will prompt you to connect the device you wish to reset

3. Power on and connect the LeapPad3

4. When the sync is complete, the LeapFrog Connect application will prompt you to disconnect the LeapPad3 and create a player profile on the device. At this point you can disconnect the LeapPad3 from the computer and it will be back to factory settings.

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