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How do I add more sites to the LeapSearch browser on the LeapFrog Epic tablet?

By default, the LeapSearch web browser offers a kid-friendly web experience with kid-appropriate pieces of content including videos, images, games and web pages.

If you wish, you may "whitelist" any number of additional websites so your child has access to these sites via the LeapSearch web browser. You may also remove access to any of the pre-approved sites or sites that you previously added.

1. Go to the Parent Settings menu by tapping the icon of a parent and child

2. After entering your four digit Parent Lock code at the prompt, you will be brought to the Parent Settings menu.  Tap the "LeapSearch" icon to access LeapSearch settings:

3. This will open the LeapSearch Settings menu. The default tab this menu opens to shows the pre-approved sites on the LeapSearch browser. You may block any of these sites by toggling the "Approved" setting button to "Blocked".   You can add your own approved sites by tapping the "My Added Sites" tab:

4. The Approved Sites tab will list any sites you've previously added, and will allow you to add additional sites by tapping "Add Website":

5. Enter the web address you'd like to add as an approved site, then tap "Add URL". You will have the option to enable the whole website, or just a sub directory of the site.

6. Any site you whitelist in Parent Settings will be available under the "My Sites" category in the LeapSearch browser.

Note, sites that utilize Flash Player or other software that is not supported on tablets will not function correctly on the Epic tablet.  Some websites that are not tablet friendly may offer an app version of their site that is specifically designed for tablets.

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  • 27-Mar-2020