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Why won't my LeapPad Academy or Epic tablet power on?

The LeapPad Academy or LeapFrog Epic tablet has a "sleep" mode and an "off" mode, it is also possible the battery charge is exhausted.

When the tablet is powered down with a single touch of the power button it goes into "sleep" mode.  When in "sleep" mode the tablet can be powered back up with a single touch.

If the tablet was fully turned off by pressing and holding the power button for two to three seconds, it will need to be powered on by pressing and holding the power button for three to five seconds.

If the tablet doesn't power up even when pressing and holding the power button for three to five seconds, it is likely the battery is fully discharged.

To check if the battery is charging, or if there is a potential issue with the battery or charger, try the following:

1. Plug the wall charger into a live outlet and connect it to the Epic tablet.

2. With the wall charger connected, press and release the power button on the tablet. The tablet screen should display a charging indicator which looks like this:

3. If you see the charging indicator, allow the tablet to charge for a few hours, then disconnect from the charger and power the tablet on by pressing and holding the power button for 3 to 5 seconds.

4. If the charging indicator does not display when the power button is tapped while connected to the wall charger, disconnect the Epic tablet from the wall charger and connect it to a computer using the included USB cord.  While connected to a running computer, tap the power button on the tablet again and see if the charging indicator image appears on the screen.  If the tablet appears to be charging with the USB connection but not with the wall charger, contact our customer support team for a replacement charger.

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  • 17-Nov-2023