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My child’s name is not in your list of names for My Pals Scout & Violet, can you add it?

Since 2009 My Pal Scout & Violet have been our favorite snuggle pups for little loved ones. Their extensive audio name database has grown to over 6,500 unique and popular names from all around the world. At this time we are no longer recording new names or accepting new name requests for the database.

If the audio of your child’s name is not in our database, My Pal Scout & Violet can still be personalized to spell your child’s name in a customized learning song. In this instance, you will have the option to add nickname audio from a list of popular nicknames, or you may enter the spelling of your child’s name without adding any audio.

Keep in mind that while some names may not have an exact match with the same spelling in our audio database, there may be a sound-alike name available (e.g. Christine instead of Kristine). If you find a sound-alike name with a different spelling than your child’s, you can select the sound-alike audio and then edit the spelling to match the spelling of your child’s name.

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  • 08-Nov-2023