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What do the buttons do on the LeapPods Max?

On/Off Switch
Slide the On/Off Switch to the On position. When powered on, the Indicator Light will turn green.

Pairing Button
Press the Pairing Button to connect with other Bluetooth® devices.

Mode Select Dial
Rotate the Mode Select Dial to choose a category: Dance Party, Adventures,
Learning Songs, Challenges, Quiet Time and Instrumentals.

Play/Pause Button
Press the Play/Pause Button to play or pause the track.

Next Button
Press the Next Button to skip to the next track in the category.

Back Button
Press the Back Button once to go back to the beginning of the current track. Press the Back Button again to skip to the previous track in the category.

Volume Button
Press the + on the Volume Button to increase the volume and press the - on
the Volume Button to decrease the volume.

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  • 23-Aug-2022