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How do I charge the batteries in my LeapPods Max?

When you use the LeapPods Max™ for the first time, move the On/Off Switch to the On position. When powered on, the Indicator Light will turn green.

Battery Charging
Note: Adult operation required.
The LeapPods Max™ cannot be used while charging, even if power is turned on.
When the battery is low, the Indicator Light will turn red. To charge the LeapPods Max™, connect it to a computer using the included Micro-USB Cable. To do so correctly, please follow these steps:

• Please charge the LeapPods Max™ before first use.
• The LeapPods Max™ can be charged either in On or Off mode.
• Open the rubber cover of the USB Charging Port on the
bottom of the LeapPods Max™.
• Insert the small end of the included Micro-USB Cable into the
USB Charging Port on the LeapPods Max™.
• Insert the large end of the included Micro-USB Cable into a
USB port on your computer.
• The Indicator Light will turn orange while the LeapPods Max™
is charging. After the battery is fully charged, the Indicator
Light will turn green. You may then disconnect your fully
charged LeapPods Max™ headphones from the computer.
• This toy contains a rechargeable battery that is non-replaceable.

USB port for battery charging:
The current output of USB DC 5V, with a minimum of 0.5A

Guidelines for Charging With the Micro-USB Cable
Charge this device using the included Micro-USB Cable connected
to a computer. Do not charge using a third party adapter. Before
use, inspect the cord to confirm that it is in good condition and
that there are no breaks or exposed wires. Ensure there are no
particles or liquid (water, juice, etc.) in either of the connectors
before plugging in either end of the cable. The device should
be completely dry with no debris in the cable connectors when
charging. Securely plug in the cable in the correct orientation.
Never leave the device unattended while charging. Do not charge
your device on soft surfaces, as they can trap heat around the
Typical charging time is approximately 2-4 hours if the battery
is fully depleted. Disconnect the device when it is fully charged.
The actual charging time depends on the charging current, the
remaining charge in the battery prior to recharging and the
ambient temperature. The optimum ambient temperature is
32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C).

Battery Life
The time the battery lasts between charges depends on usage.
Like other electronic devices, more frequent usage will drain the
battery more quickly. When the battery level is low as shown by
the red Indicator Light, it is recommended to charge the battery
before further use. When the battery level is too low, the LeapPods
Max™ will not turn on until it is sufficiently recharged.
Battery Maintenance
Charge the battery regularly for optimal performance, even
when the LeapPods Max™ is not regularly in use. For example,
charge the LeapPods Max™ at least once every six months.

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