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How do I copy saved photos from the Magic Adventures Microscope to a Computer?

1. Insert a microSD card** into the microSD Card Slot of the unit.

2. In the Gallery, select the Photo Transfer icon to transfer all of your saved photos from the unit’s internal memory to the inserted microSD card.

3. After the photo transfer is completed***, take the microSD card out of the unit and insert it into a computer.

4. The saved photos**** are located in the microSD card’s folder #MICRO/DCIM/XXXMICRO. XXX is a three-digit number from 100 to 403 that will be assigned to the folder name.

5. Copy the folder XXXMICRO directly to the computer. DO NOT cut and paste the files individually from this folder.

** The unit supports microSD cards up to 32GB (not included).
*** During the photo transfer process, do not remove the microSD card or power off the unit. Doing so may corrupt the transferring photo or cause the unit to freeze. Corrupted photos will be displayed in the Gallery with an error icon.
**** The saved photos will display a time and date that is not accurate, since the device does not have an internal clock.

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  • 23-Aug-2022