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What do the buttons do on the Magic Adventures Microscope?

Power Button
Press the Power Button to power on or power off the Magic
Adventures Microscope™.
*  It may take up to 3 seconds for the device to power on if
an SD card is inserted.
*  Hold down the Power Button for approximately 1 second
to power off the device.

Press the D-Pad to select an item on the Menu screen. While
in Microscope Mode or while viewing a Smart Slide image,
press the D-Pad to explore areas that aren’t visible on the
screen. While playing the Micro Adventure game, press the
D-Pad to move around the screen.

Check Mark Button
Press the Check Mark Button to make a selection on a menu,
to take screen captures in Microscope Mode, or to interact with
on-screen characters in the Micro Adventure games.

Help Button
Press the Help Button to hear hints and instructions.

Back Button
Press the Back Button to return to the previous screen.

Microscope Mode Button
Press the Microscope Mode Button to enter the Microscope
Mode and explore your own samples using the Reusable Slides
or the Large Sample Tray. When a Smart Slide is inserted into
the device, press the Microscope Mode Button to toggle back
and forth between the Smart Slide Menu and the Main Menu.

Zoom Dial
Turn the Zoom Dial to move the camera closer or farther away
from the sample while in Microscope Mode. When viewing
a Smart Slide image, turn the Zoom Dial to switch between
different images and to focus the image on the screen.

Magnification Button
While in Microscope Mode or while viewing a Smart Slide image,
press the Magnification Button for a closer look at the image
on the screen.

Light Adjustment Button
While in Microscope Mode, press the Light Adjustment
Button to adjust the brightness of the light.

Volume Control Button
Press the Volume Control Button to adjust the volume.
Press the button to lower the volume, and the button
to increase the volume.

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