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What is LeapStart 3D?
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This new interactive learning system is a visually enhanced book-based “Touch-and-Talk” system designed to help kids get ready for and be successful in school.  Filled with fun activities that grow with your child, this system offers a combination of interactive print, audio and animation to further reinforce the curriculum and help children better understand the concepts. 

This kid-tough book-shaped device opens just like a book and offers fun learning activities through printed interactive books that are placed in the device.  The “Touch-and-Talk” stylus provides immediate feedback to your child during an activity when it touches specific areas of a page, bringing the activity books to life with a multi-dimensional experience combining printed images, 3D-like animations, audio, music and sound effects.

When the device is opened, a robust reflective panel pops up at the top of the device where a 3D animation related to the book’s activities appears to float in the middle of the panel (like a hologram) during gameplay.  The animations, audio and music will vary from one book to another, and from one page to the next.

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