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My wifi connection keeps dropping. What do I do?

1. Move closer to the wifi router. If you are using the LeapPad near the edge of the network's wireless signal range, the signal may not be stable.

2. Verify your wireless network's bandwidth is not overloaded by other devices downloading large files or streaming video. Routers can become overloaded with too much data, causing them to temporarily fail.

3. Verify your LeapPad is not trying to connect to a neighbor's unprotected wifi network. If two neighboring locations run unsecured Wi-Fi networks with the same name (SSID), your device may connect to the wrong network without your knowledge. In this scenario your device will lose connection whenever the neighbor network is turned off, even if your preferred one remains functional.

4. Radio signals from various consumer electronics can interfere with wireless networks.  For example, cordless phones, bluetooth devices, garage door openers, and microwave ovens can interfere with a wifi network when powered on. 

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  • 11-Jan-2016