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My Pal Scout/Violet not recognized by Windows computer
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Note: This answer refers to the original version of My Pal Scout/Violet that uses a USB cord to connect to the computer, not the current version that connects using an audio jack.


My Pal Scout/Violet uses the Windows USB Mass Storage Driver. Please follow the steps below to reinstall the USB Mass Storage Driver on the computer.

To reinstall the USB Mass Storage Driver:

1. Quit the LeapFrog Connect Application

2. Quit the monitor
a. Press Ctl-Alt-Del on your keyboard
b. Select Task Manager
c. Select Processes
d. select Monitor.exe and end process

3. Connect My Pal Scout/Violet, turn the device on, and go to the Device Manager on the computer
a. Right click on My Computer and select “Manage” and select device manager OR click the Windows Start button and type devmgmt.msc into the Search box

4. In the device manager under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers there will be one or more items labeled USB Mass Storage Device

5. To find the correct item for Scout/Violet
a. Right click and get Properties
b. Click on the Details tab
c. Select Hardware IDs from the Property pull down
d. Look for a value USB\VID_0F63&PID_0017

6. After you have identified the correct USB Mass Storage Driver in the USB Controllers go to the drivers tab for that device and click uninstall

7. Disconnect Scout/Violet

8. Launch LeapFrog Connect and allow the application to finish downloading any updates (shown in the message center).

9. Power on and plug Scout/Violet into your computer.

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