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LeapFrog Connect Application does not recognize Crammer
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Note: The Crammer was last sold in 2009 and is no longer supported. The LeapFrog Connect software for this product is offered as-is


Try disconnecting the Crammer handheld, turning the power off and on again and then reconnecting to refresh the connection.


Did the LeapFrog Connect Application tell you that the Crammer handheld needed an update when you connected it? Try disconnecting and reconnecting the handheld and then follow the instructions to update the handheld. Be sure the handheld is turned on.


Check that your USB cable is plugged securely into both the computer and into the Crammer handheld.

If you're still having difficulty, follow these steps:

1) Download the LeapFrog Connect application for Crammer from this page:

2) Launch LeapFrog Connect on your computer.

3) Set your Crammer to update mode. To set to update mode:

  • Turn the Crammer on
  • Open the battery cover
  • Remove one battery about half way so the device loses power (if you remove the top battery half way, the negative end would still be touching the spring while you have your left index finger on the positive end)
  • While holding the ENTER (top right button on the Crammer) and SCREEN DOWN (bottom center of Crammer screen) buttons simultaneously, push the battery back into place. 
  • The Crammer screen should come on with the message "Update Required"

4) Connect your Crammer to the computer and it should be properly recognized.

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