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How do I reset my Crammer handheld?

Note: The Crammer was last sold in 2009 and is no longer supported. The LeapFrog Connect software for this product is offered as-is

Warning: You should only reset your handheld as a last resort. Resetting will erase all of your player profile data and it might take a long time to sync all of the files back onto the handheld.

If you need to reset your Crammer handheld,

1. select the appropriate Crammer player profile from the Home page.
2. Once inside the Crammer view, click the Settings button at the top of the LeapFrog Connect Application.
3. You can then select the Crammer tab at the top of the Settings window. 
4. Press the Reset button and follow the on-screen instructions.

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  • 01-Jan-2017