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“American English” vs. “Queens’ English" in Tag library.
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Note: The Tag Reader was last sold in 2013 and is no longer supported. The LeapFrog Connect software for this product is offered as-is. 


If you changed your country setting and downloaded the same audio file title before and after the change, you might see two identical copies of the title in the Library box with the notations "American English" and "Queen's English" shown next to them.

Choose just one of these files to add to your Tag Reader. If you purchased the book in the US or Canada, choose the American English version. For a UK or Ireland purchase, choose the Queen's English version.

The Australia and New Zealand offerings are mixed. If after saving the audio file to your Tag Reader and trying to tap in the book, you still cannot use the book, remove that audio file and try syncing the other English version.

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