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Why does Didj shut down when a cartridge is inserted?
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Note: The Didj was last sold in 2010 and is no longer supported. The LeapFrog Connect software for this product is offered as-is. 


Game cartridges should be inserted when the Didj is powered off. It is correct functionality for your Didj to power off if a cartridge is inserted while the handheld is on.

If you are inserting and removing the cartridges when the Didj is powered off and still experiencing shut downs, connect your Didj to the LeapFrog Connect application.  The Didj MUST be connected at least one time to function properly, and should be connected regularly afterwards to get the latest updates.

If you have recently added a customized skill set to the Didj, you may want to go to the skill selector and remove it.  In rare instances, a corrupted download of a customized skill set may cause the Didj to shut down.  If this resolves your issue, you can immediately add a new skill set back and resume play.

If you are receiving a message "Please reinsert cartridge", first connect your Didj and sync to LeapFrog Connect.  If you still receive the message, sometimes it helps to clean the cartridge with a dry cotton swab. Use the cotton swab on the gold contacts to remove any dust or film.  You can also gently tap the Didj against your palm with the cartridge opening side down to remove any debris that may be in the cartridge slot.

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