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How do time controls work on LeapPad Platinum?

The Time Controls option allows the parent to control the maximum time the LeapPad can be played each day, or set time intervals for the maximum time the LeapPad can be played before a required rest.

By default, Time Controls are set to "Off".  Time Controls may be enabled in the LeapPad Parent Settings.

To access Time Controls, tap the icon of the clock at the bottom of the LeapPad "Welcome" screen:

After entering your four digit Parent Lock code at the prompt, a "Set Play Time" box will open on the screen.

The Set Play Time box has three slider bar controls. The first is an On/Off toggle switch, the second is a setting for "You can play for this long:" and the third is "Then you need to rest for:".

After toggling the On/Off switch to On, you will be able to set a play time of between 15 minutes and 4 hours, and a rest time of between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

 Play Time Settings

Using this example where the parent sets play time for 2 hours 15 minutes followed by 4 hours of rest:

Time controls run cumulatively.  If the child in this example plays for 1 hour, turns the LeapPad off for 1 hour, then turns it back on; when powered back on they will have 1:15 of play time remaining followed by 3 hours of required rest time. Anytime the LeapPad has been powered off for a cumulative period of 4 hours, the available play time will reset to 2:15.

Note that when Time Controls have been turned on, they will stay on until the parent turns them off (it is not a one-time use setting).

Rest Time

This is the image the child will see when the LeapPad is on "rest time":

If the parent taps the blue icon of a parent and child in the above screen, they will be prompted to enter their Parent Lock code. After entering the Parent Lock code, the below screen will open, which will allow the parent to quickly turn off the time controls, add 30 minutes of play time, or open time controls for editing:

When Time Controls are turned on, a count down timer will appear on the LeapPad picker page showing how many minutes remain until rest time:

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