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Leapster2 not recognizing SD card

Note: The Leapster2 was last sold in 2012 and is no longer supported. The LeapFrog Connect software for this product is offered as-is. 

There were two versions of Leapster2, one version had two free built in games and no SD card (SD card must be purchased separately) , the other had one free built in game, and includes an SD card.  Both versions allowed for a free download of a starter game to the SD card.

Once an SD card is installed, the download of the free starter game is the same on either version of the Leapster2. To download the free Leapster2 starter game, follow these steps:

1) Download and launch Leapfrog Connect

2) Once a player profile has been created on your Leapster2, connect the Leapster2 to your computer and turn it on.

3) Follow the screen prompts to set up your Leapster2 parent account

4) When the parent account is set up, you will be brought back to the LeapFrog Connect Home page.  Here you will see the player profile(s) from the Leapster2 handheld.  Click on your child's profile name.

5) You will now be on the Leapster2 Home page. You should see a box that says "Choose your starter game".  Click on the "Click Here" button in this box.

6) You will now have the option to select ONE starter game for download.  Note that this game will download to all profiles on the Leapster2 handheld and only one game can be downloaded to the handheld.

7) Confirm your choice of starter game and the download will begin

8) When the download is complete, click the Eject button and disconnect your Leapster2.

9) When you turn on your Leapster2 and select your child's profile name, depending on the version you have, you can click on either the SD card or game console icon to access the free starter game download.

If you own the Leapster2 that does not come with an SD card installed, note that the Leapster2 will overwrite any existing files on the SD card. Be sure to use a new card or a card with data that can be erased.

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  • 01-Jan-2017