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Restricting Access to App Center on LeapPad Platinum or LeapPad Ultimate

There are three levels of access control for the App Center on the LeapPad. To adjust settings:

1. Power on the LeapPad

2. At the bottom of the "Welcome" screen, tap the icon of parents and child

3. You will be prompted to enter your 4 digit Parent Lock code to access Parent Mode. Enter your code.

4. This will bring you to the Parent Settings menu.

5. Tap the "Child Profiles" icon

6. Under your child's name, tap on "Edit"

7. Tap on "Permissions" at the bottom of the next screen

8. Under "LeapFrog App Center", you'll see three levels of restrictions on the App Center.

9. The first and most restrictive setting will require the 4 digit Parent Lock code to be entered in order to open the App Center on the LeapPad. Check the box to activate this setting.

10. The second box will disable the wish list buttons when it is unchecked.

11. The third box will suppress pricing and the buy buttons when unchecked.

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  • 21-Aug-2017