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Imagicard Letter Factory Adventures: Letter Carnival - Helpful Hints

Q: What is the object of the game?

A: The goal of the game is to walk around the carnival and play the different games. Earn coins to spend at the Prize Wheel in order to unlock all new attractions and decorations for the carnival, as well as let all 26 Letter Friends into the carnival and return each one's missing item to it.
Q: How do I scan a card?

A: When you see the live feed video feed on your screen, place the requested card in full view. Hold your LeapPad for a moment until the confirmation brackets zone in on the card to confirm. For best results, use in a well lit area.
Q: What if I lose my cards?

A: The majority of the game is playable with the digital version of the cards. The digital version of the cards can be found in-game by tapping on the card icon that is found on the bottom left corner of the live video feed mode of the game.
Q: How do you access the different games in the carnival?

A: Walk around the carnival and look for attractions that have a marquee in front of them with flashing lights. Tap the marquee to enter the games. Note: After coming back to the carnival after playing a few games, you may see blue bubbles around the edges of the screen - these are guiding you to games you haven't played yet, or new attractions you recently unlocked.
Q: How do I print the photo I took in Photo Fun?

A: Save your photo when prompted. This saves the photo in "My Stuff" on your LeapPad. When you connect via USB, your photos will upload to your computer, where you can print or send them from the LeapFrog Connect application.
Q: My photo flips so that the character is over my face.

A: The best way to get around this is to have a friend or family member help you take a picture using the back-facing camera.

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