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Message indicating I don't have a license to use this app

This message pop-up may appear on the LeapFrog Epic tablet:

If you see this message, verify the app is not already installed on 5 other devices.  Apps purchased on the LeapFrog App Center may be installed on up to 5 devices at a time.  If the app is already installed on 5 other devices, remove it from one device and you will be able to install it on this device.

If the app is not installed on 5 other devices, try the following steps to resolve this error message:

1. Check if you have a Wi-Fi connection, and establish a new Wi-Fi connection if you do not currently have one.  Once the Epic tablet is able to communicate with LeapFrog's servers via Wi-Fi, it will be able to confirm the license to use this app is on your account.

2. If step one doesn't resolve the issue, verify your Epic tablet is signed in to your LeapFrog parent account.  Go to the Parents menu, then Device > LeapFrog Account, then sign in to your account.

3. If the error message persists, go to the App Manager in the Parents menu and uninstall then reinstall the app.

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  • 28-Jun-2016