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LeapFrog Connect crashing on Mac

This is likely due to an incompatibly between the internal web browser used by LeapFrog Connect and one of your installed Internet Plug-ins.

We have seen this issue with SpeedDownload and earlier versions of Silverlight and iGetter.

To resolve this issue:

1. Update any third party plugins to their latest version.
2. Open Safari
3. From the Help Menu, select Installed plug-ins
4. Go to the vendor page for the third-party plug-in and check for an update.
5. Once the plug-ins have been updated, launch the application
6. If after updating your plug-ins, the LeapFrog Connect application still does not   launch,  you will need to temporarily move your Internet plug-ins from their default directory in order to use the LeapFrog Connect application.
7. Open a Finder window and go to Library/Internet Plug-Ins and  /Users/[your user name]/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
8. Move everything in the folders above (except for the Flash Player files) into a  temporary location (like a folder on your desktop)
9. Launch the LeapFrog Connect application.
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  • 17-Nov-2023