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How do I enable the open web browser on the LeapFrog Epic tablet?

The open web browser can be launched at any time from the Parent Settings menu.

1. Go to the Parent Settings menu by tapping the icon of a parent and child:

2. After entering your four digit Parent Lock code at the prompt, you will be brought to the Parent Settings menu. The open web browser may be launched from here at any time:

3. If you would like to give your child access to the open browser from their Home screen, you may do so in the App Manager.  From the main Parent Settings screen, tap on App Manager:

4. Scroll down your list of Installed apps to the one titled "Internet". Tap on "Who can play?" 

5. Tap the "Continue" button to acknowledge that you understand enabling this browser will allow your child open access to the internet:

6. Indicate which player profile you wish to give access to the open web browser, then tap "Save". If you have multiple player profiles on your tablet, you may provide open web browser access to individual or all users:

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  • 28-Jun-2016