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How can I purchase apps for LeapTV?

Apps for LeapTV may be purchased from the LeapFrog App Center using your computer, tablet or smartphone. The LeapFrog App Center is located at

To view only LeapTV compatible apps in the App Center, use the "Filter By" feature to select LeapTV apps only:

After adding apps to your shopping cart, you will be asked to sign in to your LeapFrog parent account in order to complete the purchase. Please be sure to sign in using the same email address you used when setting up and registering the LeapTV console.

As long as your LeapTV console is connected to the internet via either Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, your purchased apps should start downloading within five minutes of the purchase completion.

The LeapTV Kid's Hub menu will provide a couple visual cues that a download is in progress. First, you should see a grayscale icon of the purchased app, which will become full color once the download and installation is complete. Second, you will see an arrow over the Parent Settings gear to indicate a download is in progress.

If for some reason you do not see the download commencing within five minutes of the purchase completing, you may go to the Download Manager to check status of the download.

To get to the Download Manager:

Select the gear icon on the Kid's Hub screen in order to enter Parent Settings:

Then select the Download Manager icon:

The Download Manager will show you the status and progress of your app download:

If there was any error in the download, such as not enough available space, an error message will show next to the app title:

By selecting this title and pressing the "A" button on the LeapTV controller, a message box with the specific error message will appear:

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