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LeapTV game not responding correctly to pointer

Note: Because kids of varying ages, abilities and preferences may be using the controller and optimal camera positioning will not always be possible, all games that use the pointer are designed such that the controller can alternatively be used in classic controller mode during any portion of the game that uses the pointer.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the pointer, please first verify that the section of the game you are currently playing utilizes the pointer.
If your child is aiming the pointer at one place on the TV screen but the game is detecting it as being aimed elsewhere on the screen, remember it is the camera tracking the pointer, not the TV screen.  To better calibrate where the pointer is detected vs. where it is aimed, tilt the camera to aim at your child's chest.  For best results, it is better to position the camera below the TV rather than above.

There is a Pointer Training Game located on the LeapTV home page which will help to calibrate and familiarize yourself with the pointer option.

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  • 12-Jan-2016