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"Controller Disconnected" screen on LeapTV

You may see this message if any of the following occur:

1. Your controller went to sleep due to being inactive for approximately 5 minutes.
    - To wake the controller, press the "A" button on the controller

2. The batteries in the controller may be low.
    - Try replacing the batteries in the controller with new fully charged battery

3. Your controller may not have a clear line of sight to the LeapTV console.

  • To maintain a strong signal, be sure to keep the controller within 4-8 feet and ensure there is a clear line of sight from the controller to the LeapTV console.
  • Do not obstruct the signal by crowding other devices around the LeapTV console, or have objects positioned between the console and controller while playing.
  • Ensure the console face with the green lighted ring is facing your child during game play.

4. Your controller may have become unpaired from the console.
    - To re-pair the controller and console:
       a. Power the console off and then on, and wait for the LeapTV Home screen 
       b. On the controller, press the Home & Hint buttons together for 3 seconds until the light at the bottom of the controller turns blue
       c. Next, press the SYNC button on the console
       d. After you press the SYNC button on the console, the light on the bottom of the controller will turn magenta in color after a few seconds
       e. After another few seconds, the magenta light will turn off and you will be paired

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  • 27-Jul-2016