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What games comes with the LeapPad Jr.?
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The LeapPad Jr. includes the following apps.  Additional games, activities, and videos may be purchased in the LeapFrog App Center.

  • Pet Pad Party
  • Photo Fun
  • Scout's Jukebox
  • Songs From Us!
  • Clock Utility
  • Calculator Utility
  • Calendar Utility
  • Notepad Utility
  • Voice Memo Utility
  • Music Player
  • MP3 Player
  • Sneak Peeks Mr. Pencil: The Lost Colors of Doodleburg
  • Cooking! Game-Demo
  • Scout & Friends: Adventures in Shapeville Park
  • Letter Factory Flash Cards
  • Scout & Friends: Numberland
  • Learn to Read 1 eBook: Casey Cat Has a Hat
  • Learn to Read 2 eBook: The Best Job
  • Polar Bear Run
  • Scout & Friends… and You!
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