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LeapTV Dora and Friends - Helpful Hints

Q: What is the object of the game?

A: Pablo has found a magic ring that, once placed on his finger, has shrunk him down to miniature size. In order to break the spell that shrunk Pablo, Dora, Pablo and Naiya must travel to the ancient world to return the ring to the princess it belongs to. Along the way,  Dora and Friends find more of the princess's treasures  that were stolen by an evil wizard.   

Q: How do I save my progress?

A: The game saves after successful completion of each level. It will also save your child's curricular progress after each curricular experience (3 per level).

Q: How do I make Dora jump onto platforms?

A: Press the A button and move the thumbstick at the same time in the direction of the platform to jump on it.

Q: How do I complete the game?

A: You must play through all levels in each world to return the princess's missing ring and complete the game.

Q: How do I make the charm grow in the charm games?  

A: Shake the controller when Dora tells you to make the charm grow.  You must do it twice to make the charm grow to full size.

Q: How do I see the treasure I have found?

A: You must first play through World 1 Level 1 before you can visit the treasure room and see your treasure.  At the end of World 1 Level 1 you will be taken to the treasure room automatically. From then on you can visit the treasure room at any time from the World Map by pressing up on the thumbstick until the friends are standing in front of the treasure room, then pressing the A button to enter.

Q: How do I replay Mouse Rider?   

A: Mouse Rider can be played at any time from the main menu by simply using the thumbstick to highlight the 1 or 2 player icon and then pressing the A button.

Q: How do I unlock new Mouse Rider levels?  

A: You must collect 90% of the gems in the previous Mouse Rider level to unlock the next level.  

Q: Do I need a second controller to play the two player Mouse Rider game?

A: Yes. Two controllers are needed to play the two player Mouse Rider game. 

Q: What is the star for in the Mouse Rider game?  

A: When you collect the star in the Mouse Rider game, you can run through any hazard for a short period of time without losing gems.

Q: What is the basket for in the Mouse Rider game?

A: The basket has multiple gems inside it.  When you collect the basket you will add five gems to your collection tally.  

Q: What is the Magnet for in the Mouse rider game?  

A: When you collect the magnet in the Mouse Rider game,  all gems in proximity are collected automatically.

Q: How do I select another shape in the treasure chest game once I have already selected one?

A: If you don't like the shape that you have picked, you can press the B button to start over and select another shape in the treasure chest game.  

Q: How do I open the treasure chests?

A: Once the controller icon appears above the treasure chest, shake your controller to open the chest.

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