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LeapTV DoodleCraft - Helpful Hints

Q: How can I play with a friend?
A: It's fun to draw with a friend! Once you have a second controller, sync it from the LeapTV Home Menu by pressing the Home and Hint button at the same time then pressing the sync button on the LeapTV console. Once your second controller is synced, enter DoodleCraft and select the "Play with a friend" button on the Main Menu. The game will bring Player 2 to the Doodle creation screen. After Player 2 creates a Doodle to play as, both players can control their Doodles in the game. You'll also be able to draw in the Doodle Studio at the same time!

Q: How do I get to another neighborhood?
A:  There are 5 neighborhoods in DoodleCraft: Doodleville (Town), Scribbly Sands (Beach), Washy Woods (Forest), Rainbow Ranch (Farm), and DoodleOpolis (City). You unlock new neighborhoods by completing most of the quests in the previous neighborhood.
    You'll know when a new neighborhood is unlocked because Foreman Shortening will be standing with a quest symbol over his head where the bridge to the new neighborhood will go. After you build the bridge and shake the controller to lower the drawbridge, you can walk across it to the new neighborhood!
    Another fun way to travel to neighborhoods you've already unlocked is by the hot air balloon! Just approach the hot air balloon landing pad and press A to climb aboard. Pick your destination from the map of the Isle of Doodles and your balloon will be on its way!

Q: How do I unlock new colors, patterns, and stickers?
A: To unlock new colors, patterns, stickers, and even hats for your Doodle, walk up to a gift box and press A, or simply complete more quests. To find a new quest, approach a Doodle with an exclamation mark over its head. The colors, patterns and hats rewarded in DoodleCraft are selected at random. So, if you have a friend also playing DoodleCraft under a different profile, you will have earned different ones!

Q: How do I unlock a new art tool?
A: In addition to earning the fun colors, patterns and stickers, when you complete the first building quest in each neighborhood, you will earn a new art tool. Art tools include The Paintball Launcher, The Glitter Shaker, The Paint Wand, The Sticky Sticker Stamper, and The Fire Hose!

Q: How can I change how my character looks?
A: Want to change your look frequently? Head over to a Makeover Station! Each neighborhood has one. Look for the small white shack with a picture of a top hat on the side.
Q: How do I find the blueprints I've earned?

A: Once you select a lot to build on, the blueprints that fit that lot will be available. From the blueprint selection screen, move the thumbstick right or left to see all of the available blueprints for that lot.

Q: How do I earn new blueprints?
A: After completing a building quest, you'll earn that building's blueprint. You'll also earn blueprints and stickers after earning enough points to get a building pack.

Q: Why can't two players draw in Pointer Mode?
A: LeapTV currently only handles one controller in Pointer mode at a time. Two players can still create in the Doodle Studio at the same time, but only one can be in Pointer mode. We suggest you take turns!

Q: How do I exit the zoomed out map view?

A: When you press B on your controller while exploring the world, you will be brought to a zoomed out view of it. This is a great way to get your bearings and look for quests and gift boxes. To return to normal exploration view, press B on your controller again.

Q: How can I learn more about drawing?

A: Want to learn a little more about drawing and colors? There are short animated tutorials in the pause menu of the Doodle Studio. Just press the Home button while in Doodle Studio and a menu will appear. Select the option with Mr. Pencil and friends on it to learn about creating art. Each time you press the button, it will randomly pull one of several tutorials available.

Q: What does the "?" button do?

A: The button with the question mark or "?" is the Hint button. Pressing the Hint button will trigger audio that will assist you in playing the game. It may give instructions on what actions to do, repeat the question or give a clue to the answer. In some cases, it will trigger a tutorial.

Q: How do I exit a game?

A: At any time you can press the Home button on the controller to bring up the Pause menu. From here, you can use the thumbstick to Keep Playing, Exit to the Main Menu, or Exit to LeapTV Home.

Q: How do I pause a game?

A: At any time you can press the Home button on the controller to bring up the Pause menu. The choices here are Keep Playing, Exit to the Main Menu, or Exit to LeapTV Home. You can make a selection or press the Home button again to dismiss this menu.

Q: Why does the screen look dark on the games that use the camera?

A: Try increasing the light in your room. It helps to shine more light on the front of your body.

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