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My child's game is too hard/too easy, how do I re-set the curricular level?
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LeapPad1 and LeapPad2 have several ways of determining the right curricular level for your child. We start by looking at the child’s selected grade and use that to determine what level is most appropriate. Our games do not cover all possible curricular levels, so if your child’s grade is above or below the range covered in a game the game will default to the closest level available. Once the child starts playing, we auto-level the curriculum based on how well the child is doing. If the child answers correctly several times in a row, the game will automatically move up to the next curricular level. Similarly, answering several questions incorrectly can move the child down to an easier level.

If the game has appropriate curriculum for your child, but is consistently asking questions that are too hard or easy, you may be able to adjust this by changing the grade level in the child’s profile on the device. Check the grade level associated with the child’s profile to make sure it is appropriate. If it is too high or low, this can be adjusted in the “About Me” screen or from the Manage Profiles option on the Parent Settings menu. If the grade level is correct, try moving it up or down a level anyway, as not all school districts teach the same curriculum at the same time.

Once your child has started a game and answered some questions, the game will store curricular progress, so changing the grade level may not affect a game that is already in progress. If the game has an option to start a New Game or Continue an existing game, try starting a new game after you have corrected your child’s grade. This will clear the curricular progress that has already been saved for that game, and should enable the game to start at the correct level for your child. However, your child will lose all progress in the game.

In some cases, our content includes curricular milestones that are shared between titles. If your child achieved a milestone in one game, other games with the same curriculum may start at that milestone level. If you believe your child triggered a milestone in error (e.g. an older player has advanced through curriculum while using your child’s account) you can clear these milestones from the Manage Profiles option on the Parent Settings menu. <Instructions for how to get to Parent Settings->Manage Profiles listed above> On the Manage Profiles page, tap the button with a graduation cap, then tap the green checkmark button to confirm. This button will only appear if your child has earned curricular milestones, so if you do not see a graduation cap button next to the trash button under your child’s profile, this means there is no milestone data for the profile.

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