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LeapTV Ultimate Spider-Man - Helpful Hints

Q: What is the object of the game?

A: New York City is under siege by the Sinister Six and it's up to Spider-Man to save the day. He must track down and defeat each Super Villain while also dealing with their henchmen! Along the way Spider-Man will help restore order by fixing computers and disabling traps that have been left throughout the city.

Q: How do I save my progress?

A: The game saves after each successful level completion. It will also save your child's curricular progress after each curricular experience (3 per level).

Q: How do I make Spider-Man jump higher?

A: To make Spider-Man perform a maximum height jump, hold down the A Button and don't let go. Use this technique for jumping across larger pits in the game. Conversely, tapping the A Button and releasing it quickly will perform a shorter jump.

Q: How do I climb up/down walls?

A: Spider-Man can climb most walls when the player jumps on them. Hold down the A Button and use the Thumbstick to move Spider-Man onto the wall while in mid-air. Then press Up or Down on the Thumbstick to make him climb up or down. Please note that not all walls are 'sticky' and some cannot be climbed.

Q: How do I crawl along ceilings?

A: Spider-Man can climb most ceilings when the player jumps on them. Hold down the A Button when Spidey is near a ceiling. If he makes contact with the ceiling, he will automatically stick to it. Then press Left or Right on the Thumbstick to make him crawl. Please note that not all ceilings can be crawled on.

Q: How do I jump down through platforms?

A: On certain platforms, Spider-Man can jump down through them to the platform or floor beneath him. To do this, hold Down on the Thumbstick (don't let go) and press the A Button.

Q: Why is Spider-Man punching and kicking in this game?

A: Spider-Man's webs can only restrain his adversaries. He must use his combat abilities to defeat them.

Spider-Man destroys Octobots (robots) and defeats Spider-Soldiers (non-human, liquid-based foes that are formed from Venom's black ooze).

Spider-Man also brings Super Villains from the Sinister 6 to justice in Boss Battles at the end of each Episode using his combat abilities. At the end of each Boss Battle, the Boss is tied up in Spider-Man's webbing and is put into jail aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Q: How do I defeat the bosses?

A: There are 6 bosses in this game: Rhino, Beetle, Electro, The Lizard, Kraven and Dr. Octopus. Every boss has an attack phase and a vulnerable phase. Spider-Man cannot damage the bosses with webs, punches or Ultimate Moves while they are in their attack phase, so the player must avoid making contact with the bosses to avoid taking damage.

After successfully avoiding the boss during their attack phase, the bosses will become dizzy and will enter their vulnerable phase. The player can then shake the controller to perform an Ultimate Move or move in close for a Spider Strike Combo (B Button) to damage the bosses. After 3 vulnerable phases, the boss will be defeated.

Q: How do I defeat Rhino?

A: Rhino will charge at Spider-Man during his 1st attack phase. Use a high jump or stick to the walls/ceiling to avoid taking damage. Rhino will try to knock barrels down onto Spider-Man during his 2nd attack phase. Use the Thumbstick to move Spider-Man left and right to avoid the falling barrels. Rhino's final attack will cause debris to rise from the floor, so keep a safe distance away from Rhino by sticking to the walls or ceiling.

Q: How do I use Spider Speed Mode in Levels 2, 4, and 6?

A: In Episode 1 Level 2, the player learns how to activate Spider Speed Mode. This is a powerful ability that can be used to freeze time and allows the player to web multiple flying Octobots at once! To activate Spider Speed Mode, make sure the yellow bar in the top left corner of the screen is full. Once it's full, press the B Button to activate Spider Speed Mode and freeze time. You will need to act quick though, as time is only frozen for 4 seconds! Press the A Button rapidly during Spider Speed Mode to auto-target multiple Octobots at once.

Q: How do I defeat Octobots in Levels 2, 4, and 6?

A: In Web Swing Mode, the player is asked to transform their controller to web Octobots. Make sure that your camera is angled properly at your child and that it's aimed towards your child's chest. The optimal distance to stand in is 3-6 feet away from the camera. Point your light directly at the camera and move the controller around to aim. Press the A Button to fire webs at Octobots and press the B Button to activate Spider Speed Mode. Try to web the Octobots quickly before they fire at Spider-Man!

Note: If your child is struggling with the light controls in this game, you can transform back to Classic Controller mode and use the Thumbstick to aim. To use the Thumbstick, transform the controller from Pointer Mode to Classic Controller Mode during the Web Swing game.

Q: How do I defeat Spider Soldiers in Levels 1, 3, and 5?

A: The best way to defeat Spider Soldiers is to first use your web shooter to disable them. To do this, press the B Button while they are a safe distance away from Spider-Man. When your web hits them, they will be disabled and cannot harm the player for a few seconds. Move in close and press the B Button to take them down with a Spider Strike Combo, or simply run past them. After a few seconds have passed, the Spider Soldiers will break free from your web and will become dangerous again.

Q: I've searched everywhere for hidden Cameras & Data Points and can't find them all.

A: Be on the lookout for special hidden areas in the game. These areas usually contain a subtle visual clue, such as a Data Point slightly protruding out or a transparent window. Walk or crawl up against suspicious walls to reveal hidden areas filled with Data Points, Cameras, Health, or Power-Ups!

Q: How do I unlock the Electric Webs or Power Webs and what do they do?

A: You need to earn 30 Stars to unlock Electric Webs and 50 Stars to unlock Power Webs. Electric Webs inflict damage on enemies, allowing the child to defeat enemies by hitting them with multiple web shots. Power Webs inflict even more damage on enemies, allowing the child to defeat any enemy with 1 web shot!

Q: How do I play in 2 player mode?

A: 1. Complete episode 1/level 1.
     2. Go to the main menu (Press the Home button on controller, highlight "Quit", then press the A button).
     3. Highlight VS Mode and press the A button on the controller.
     4. Highlight episode 1/level 1 and press the A button on the controller.
     5. A message on the screen will prompt player 1 to play the game.  Once player 1 has completed their turn
         player 2 will be prompted to start, using the same controller.

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