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LeapTV Bubble Guppies - Helpful Hints

Q: Why can't I move the onscreen cursor?

A: First, ensure that you are pointing the light directly at the camera and are within 6 feet distance to the camera.
Different lighting conditions can affect how well the camera can detect the colored light on the controller.  There may be too much direct light either behind or above the player.

Q: How do I control the onscreen cursor if the camera is having trouble seeing the light on the controller?

A: Transform the controller to classic controller mode, and move the onscreen cursor with the thumbstick. The entire game can be played this way.

Q: What if my character stops moving, but the cursor is in the correct spot, near the navigation arrows?

A: Simply move the cursor off the navigation arrow, and then move it back on. The character should again begin to move in the intended direction.

Q: How do I skip the intro video?

A: To skip the intro video, press the A button once the video begins.

Q: What happens if the cursor changes from the "bubble" to a circle with an "A" attached to it?

A: When the cursor changes appearance from the "bubble" to a circle with an "A" attached to it, this means you can press the "A" button to collect or interact with the onscreen object seen in the center of the cursor.

Q: I see a lot of different Bubble Guppies onscreen throughout the game. Can I play as any of them?

A: During gameplay, you will have the opportunity to play as either Gill or Molly, and to directly interact with Mr. Grouper.

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  • 14-Jan-2016