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The Little Leaps does not work with my DVD player.

1. Make sure the ACTIVITY Controller is being used to enter the code and not the DVD remote.

2. During Quick Setup, make sure to press the big red button within 5 seconds after the activity controller searches for the code.

3. If using the Quick Setup Codes, restart the DVD and try the manufacturer code listed for the opposite region. For example, if you are using a Sony DVD player and are in North America, try the Sony code listed for “Outside North America.”

Click here for a list of the Quick Setup codes.

4. If the above fails, try a Manual Setup by pressing MENU on your DVD player remote control during the Setup process. Select “Manual Setup” from the menu and follow the instructions.

Click here for a list of the Manual Setup codes.

5. If the above fails, try a Manual Setup using the Additional Manual Setup Codes above, when prompted.


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  • 15-Jan-2016