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LeapTV Sofia the First - Helpful Hints

Q: What is the object of the game?

A: The object of the game is to collect gems and earn all the medals for the Picnic Games.

Q: How do I move Sofia around the map?

A: Point your controller light at the navigation arrows on the left and right sides of the explorable world screen.  You can also move the cursor to the navigation arrows with the thumbstick in classic controller mode.

Q: Why can't I move the onscreen cursor?

A: First, ensure that you are pointing the light directly at the camera and are within 6 feet distance to the camera.
Different lighting conditions can affect how well the camera can detect the colored light on the controller.  There may be too much direct light either behind or above the player.

Q: How do I control the onscreen cursor if the camera is having trouble seeing the light on the controller?

A: Transform the controller to classic controller mode, and move the onscreen cursor with the thumbstick. The entire game can be played this way.

Q: What if my character stops moving, but the cursor is in the correct spot near the navigation arrows?

A: Simply move the cursor off the navigation arrow, and then move it back on. The character should then again begin to move in the intended direction.

Q: How do I see the intro movie again?

A: Select the Music note on the main menu or select the banner with the music note on the gazebo in the explorable world.

Q: How do I skip the intro movie?

A: To skip the intro movie, press the A button once it begins.  This can only be skipped if you have watched it completely once.

Q: How do I get to the mini games?

A: There are two ways to get to the mini games: 1. Click on hotspots in the explorable world that have  sparkles.  2. Click on the mini map in the upper left corner and select a mini game icon.

Q: Why does a red exclamation mark appear on screen when in pointer mode?

A: This means that the light on the pointer/controller cannot be seen by the camera. First make sure the controller light is on, then point it at the camera and move it slowly from right to left.  As long as the light is pointed at the camera you should see the cursor on screen.

Q: Can I control James in the explorable map? 

A: No,  you can only control Sofia.

Q: I see a lot of sparkles in the explorable map. What are they for?

A: Anything that sparkles in the explorable world can be selected to see what it does. There are lots of things that react when clicked on.

Q: How do I save my progress?

A: The game saves after each successful level completion. It will also save your child's curricular progress after each curricular experience (3 per level).

Q: What options are available when I press the Home button on the controller?

A: The following options appear on the Pause menu when the Home button is pressed:
• Home - Takes players to the LeapTV home menu.
• Main Menu - Takes players to the game's main menu.
• Exit - Exits the current mini-game and takes players back to the explorable world of Enchancia.
• Resume - Unpauses the game.

Obstacle Course

Q: What are the sparkles for in the background?

A: When you move your body in this game you will see sparkles to let you know that the camera sees you.

Q: Why can't I grab gems when I run down the trail?

A: Make sure you are still standing in the same location when you put on your tiara and that your camera hasn't not moved since the calibration step.  If you are standing in the correct spot, then you need to wiggle your right hand to collect gems on the right side and wiggle your left hand to collect gems on your left side.

Q: How do I make Sofia move faster down the trail?

A: If you run in place Sofia will run down the trail at a faster pace.

Q: How do I pick apples or berries along the trail?

A: Follow the narrator's voice instructions while playing the Obstacle Course game.  If the narrator tell you to reach up high, bend down low, or hop over the rocks, do that action and Sofia will also do that action.

Q: How do I tippy toe or walk through the trees?

A: The camera is looking for your movement, so just walk or tippy toe in place to get Sofia to do the same.

Horseshoe Hunt
Q: Where did the horseshoes go when you click on them?

A: The horseshoes get hidden throughout the explorable world when you click on the pile of horseshoes. You can replay this game at any time.  

Minimus Flying Game

Q: How do I steer? 

A: In pointer mode you steer by tilting the controller left to go left and right to go right.  In classic controller mode you use the thumbstick to steer left and right.

Q: How do I make Minimus regain his energy?

A: When Minimus is tired you must shake the controller up and down to build up his energy.


Q: How do I move the sled left and right?  

A: In pointer mode you steer by tilting the controller left to go left and right to go right.  In classic controller mode you use the thumbstick to steer left and right.

Q: How do I go over a ramp?  

A: You must guide the sled right in front of the ramp in order to go over it.

Q: How do I answer the questions?

A: Guide your sled through the arches with the correct answer on them. Avoid the arches with the wrong answer on them.  


Q: How do I dig?

A: You can dig by shaking the controller.

Q: How do I water?

A: You can water by shaking the controller.

Q: How do I plant seeds?

A: You can plant seeds by shaking the controller.

Q: How do I arrange the flowers?

A: Point the light at the flower you want and press and hold the A button to move it where you want.  Release the A button and select another flower to continue arranging.

Q: How do I end flower arranging?

A: When you are done arranging, point at and click the ribbon on the vase.


Q: How do I earn the Picnic?

A: If you complete all mini games 5 times each, you will fill the picnic table with food and earn all of the medals. Then James and Sofia will have earned their very own picnic.

Q: How do I earn medals for the picnic?

A: Each time you play a picnic game you will earn a medal.

Q: Why didn't I earn a medal for Leafy Laughy?

A: Leafy Laughy is just a fun activity and doesn't have medals associated with it.

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