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LeapTV Kart Racing Supercharged! - Helpful Hints

Q: How do I make the Kart go?

A: All Karts have auto-gas, so your child only needs to focus on steering the Kart and using Power-Ups.

Q: What are Power-Ups and how do I use them?

A: Power-Ups are used to give your racer an advantage over the competition. Collect Power-Ups during a race by driving into boxes with a "?" icon on them. If you are not picking up a Power-Up when driving into a box, that means that you already have a Power-Up (see upper left corner of the screen). You can also earn a Power-Up in the Tune-Up Garage by answering Math questions. To use a Power-Up, press the A Button.

Q: How do I steer my Kart?

A: After selecting a racer, you have the option of choosing Thumbstick controls or Tilt controls. In Thumbstick control mode, move the Thumbstick left or right to steer your Kart. In Tilt control mode, carefully tilt the controller left or right like a steering wheel.

Q: My child keeps driving into walls. How do we avoid this?

A: Over-steering is a very common issue for young gamers. Encourage your child to only use the Thumbstick or Tilt when it's absolutely necessary to turn. If you don't Tilt or use the Thumbstick, the Kart will drive straight ahead and your child will do better in the race. It's very common for young gamers to constantly alternate between left and right while driving, so try to help them driving straight for the majority of the race.
We also recommend that younger gamers use the Thumbstick control mode as the Tilt controls can require advanced motor skills and delicate balancing, which can be difficult. It's much harder to drive straight while using Tilt controls because it requires the child to hold the controller relatively flat and still. Conversely, it's very easy to drive straight with Thumbstick controls because the child simply needs to avoid moving the Thumbstick.
Also make sure to avoid holding/tilting left or right for long periods of time as this will cause the Kart to make a sharp turn, usually into a wall. Quick left/right taps or tilts will help your child avoid the walls and maintain maximum speed!

Q: How do we access Multiplayer?

A: You need to have two LeapTV controllers to play in Multiplayer mode. Please note that in order to pair a 2nd controller to your console, you will need to first navigate to the LeapTV home screen and pair the controller there (this only needs to be done one time). You cannot pair a 2nd controller from within the LeapFrog Kart Racing game.
To pair a 2nd controller, navigate to the LeapTV home screen, then hold down the Home and Hint Buttons on your 2nd controller for 3 seconds until the blue LED turns on. Now press the sync button on the front of the console. Wait a few seconds for the light on the second controller to turn magenta, then off. Once your 2nd controller has been synced, you can launch LeapFrog Kart Racing and select Multiplayer mode.

Q: How do I slow down or back up within a race?

A: Tap the B Button to use your brakes within a race. Holding down the B Button will cause your Kart to stop and drive in reverse, which is useful if you need to back out of an area.

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