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LeapTV Dance & Learn - Helpful Hints
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Q: What is Quick Play?

A: Quick Play is a way to pick the games you want to play one at a time. Use the thumbstick to highlight a game and press A to select it.


Q: What is Party Mix?

A: Selecting Party Mix is like having the DJ pick what games you will play. When you select Party Mix, you will be brought to a screen that shows all of the game icons. The Play button will be highlighted when you come to the screen. Press the A button and five games will be randomly selected for you.


Q: What is Freeplay?

A: Freeplay is an area where you can dance freely. There are no rules. You'll notice that as you play the games, you will unlock new characters to dance with you on the dance floor.

To exit Freeplay, you can press the HOME button and navigate to the menu or you can wait for the song to finish and you will be brought back to the menu.


Q: What is Playlist?

A: Playlist is an area where you can make a list of up to 5 games to play in a specific order. When one game on your list ends, the play will continue into the next selected game. This way, you won't have to come back to the menu each time to pick a new one.

To make a playlist,  highlight the icon for the game you want to add to your list and press A. When you have all the games you want, highlight OK and press A.

If you select a game by accident, you can always select the Clear button (located in the upper right of screen) and press A to start over.


Q: How do I exit a game?

A: At any time you can press the HOME button on the controller to bring up the Pause menu. From here, you can use the thumbstick to Keep Playing, Restart, Exit to the Menu, or Exit to LeapTV Home.


Q: How do I pause a game?

A: At any time you can press the HOME button on the controller to bring up the Pause menu. The Keep Playing button will be highlighted by default. You can either press the HOME button again or press the A button to return to playing.


Q: How do I see what Badges I've earned?

A: Badges will be listed under the Hall of Fame. Select Hall of Fame from the main menu, then select Badges.


Q: Why does my badge show a lock symbol?

A: If a Badge shows a lock symbol, you have not earned that Badge yet.


Q: How do I take a photo for my Badge?

A: To take a photo for your Badge, highlight the badge and press A. The Badge will enlarge and you will see the live feed inside the frame. Press A to take the picture. If you like the picture, press B to exit the photo-taking screen. If you wish to retake the photo, press A again to take a new photo. When you have the picture you like, press B to exit this screen.


Q: Can I retake a photo for my Badge?

A: You can retake a photo for your Badge. Just highlight the Badge and press A. The Badge will enlarge. If you want to retake the photo, press A. When you have the picture you like, press B to exit this screen.


Q: Are my Badge photos safe?

A: Yes. No photos are shared from the console.


Q: How do I play Doodle Dance?

A: Each picture in Doodle Dance has a guide you must make motion over. When you do this, the guide will move, and the picture will be enhanced in some way. Each time you fully complete the guide motion in a picture, the meter at the bottom of the screen fills. If you fill up the meter, the game rewards you with a Freestyle Mode where you can dance however you'd like.


Q: What is Doodle Dance teaching?

A: Doodle Dance is giving players an exposure to similes, a figure of speech where two unlike things are compared using the word "like" or "as" followed by a figurative example.


Q: What is The Dino Dance teaching?

A: The Dino Dance song leads the player through action verbs with lyrics using alliteration (The repetition of an initial consonant sound.)


Q: I keep accidentally hitting answers with my head.

A: Try adjusting the camera to angle higher. The camera is easy to move and can be adjusted during gameplay if need be.


Q: What does the "?" button do?

A: The button with the "?" is the Hint button. Pressing the Hint button will trigger audio that will assist you in playing the game. It may give instructions on what actions to do, it may repeat the question or give a clue to the answer. In some cases, it will trigger an in-depth tutorial.


Q: The curriculum is too easy/hard. How do I change this?

A: Most of the games in Dance & Learn feature Adjust to Me Learning™, which means if you answer questions correctly, the curriculum levels up. If you answer questions incorrectly, the curriculum levels down.


Q: I'm making movements, but the game isn't seeing them.

A: Try increasing the light in your room. It helps to shine more light on the front of your body.

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