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How do I fix the date setting on the LeapPad Ultra?

The LeapPad Ultra syncs to GMT date and time the first time you connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Depending on what time zone you are in and what time it was the first time you set up the LeapPad Ultra, the date may be off a day for several hours a day. This can be corrected with the following steps while connected to wifi: 

1) At a time of day when the date on the calendar is correct open the Clock app on the LeapPad Ultra

2) Change the time on the clock ahead or behind by one hour and close the Clock app

3) Reopen the Clock app and set the time to the actual time, then close the Clock app. Make sure the AM/PM is set correctly.

The above steps will re-write the file with the time zone offset to GMT time on the calendar app and your calendar settings should be correct going forward.

Alternatively, if you have the LeapFrog Connect application installed on your computer, the LeapPad Ultra will sync up with your computer's date and time when you connect the LeapPad Ultra to your computer.

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  • 12-Jan-2016