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Deleting a LeapTV player profile

Note, there must always be at least one named player profile.  If you only have one named profile, you will need to create a second profile in settings before you can delete the first profile.

To delete a player profile when there is more than one profile on the device:

1. Power on the LeapTV

2. Select the gear icon to enter Settings:

3. Enter your four digit Parent Lock code.  If you have forgoten your Parent Lock code, you may bypass it with this key combination 1 9 6 <backspace> 8 7

4. Select "Edit Profiles"

5. Select the profile you wish to delete

6. Scroll to and select "Delete Profile" then confirm you wish to remove this profile

If you are trying to wipe the device clean to give it away, you can also reset the LeapTV with these steps:

1. Start with the LeapTV powered OFF
2. Turn the LeapTV ON by pressing the power button
3. Immediately press and hold the SYNC button until you see the green light ring on the front blink
4. Follow the instructions on screen

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