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LeapFrog Connect indicating memory is full on LeapPad
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While syncing to the LeapFrog Connect application, if you receive a message the sync cannot complete because the memory is full on the LeapPad, you should be able to remove apps to free up space.  If you are experiencing difficulty freeing up space, please try the following:

1. Go to the "On This LeapPad" tab in LeapFrog Connect

2. The memory bar may be red in color and show no available memory. All the apps purchased for this account should appear on this tab, and most will have a plus sign or check mark in the box next to the app. The plus sign indicates LeapFrog Connect wants to install the app during the sync, the check mark means the app is already on the LeapPad.

3. For all the boxes that have a plus sign, start clicking on each box to make the plus sign disappear. LeapFrog Connect may initially appear to be unresponsive, but keep clicking the plus signs until either the memory status bar changes from red to green, or until all the plus signs are removed.

4. If the memory status bar turns green, you should be able to click the "Save Changes" button and sync the LeapPad. If the memory status bar is still red after clicking all the plus signs or if it is green but still indicating the memory is full, start clicking the boxes that have check marks (which will change the check marks to X's) until the "Save Changes" button at the bottom right of the screen becomes clickable.

5. When the "Save Changes" button becomes clickable, the total space required by all pending and already installed apps is below the memory capacity of the LeapPad. At this point you can click the Save Changes button and complete the sync.

If for some reason the LeapFrog Connect application is not allowing you to remove apps with the above steps, you may be able to free up memory by deleting videos taken with the LeapPad camera. 

To delete videos on the LeapPad using the LeapFrog Connect application:

1. With the LeapPad connected to the computer, go to the "On This LeapPad" tab in LeapFrog Connect.

2. From there, go to the "Manage My Stuff" page by clicking "Add Music & Remove Files"

3. On the My Stuff page, click the Videos tab at the top of the page, select which videos you wish to delete, then click "Delete Selections":

If you continue to experience difficulty freeing up memory on the LeapPad via LeapFrog Connect, you may disconnect the LeapPad from the computer and free up memory on the device.

Steps to remove apps or delete videos on the device are provided here:


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