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Static, scratchy, or no sound using LeapTV with a Sony television

Please try the following:

1. Verify the volume is turned up on your television.

2. Verify the HDMi cable from the LeapTV is securely plugged in to the HDMI port on your TV.

3. While the TV remains on, power off the LeapTV console, then power the console back on.

4. Verify the sound output on your TV is set to TV audio, not Aux Out or Audio Out.

5. In the television's audio settings menu, verify the sound mode is set to stereo rather than surround or 3D sound.

6. In rare circumstances, if you are using a Dolby® receiver, ensure it is on the correct source setting.

If you have tried all the above steps and still cannot get audio, please verify the LeapTV console has the latest firmware version installed. If your LeapTV firmware version is not current, an internet connection will be required to install an update.

To check the firmware version on the LeapTV console:

1. Power on the LeapTV console.

2. Use your television remote to select the proper input to display LeapTV on your television screen.

3. Use the LeapTV controller to navigate to the Parent Settings gear on the LeapTV Home page, then press the "A" button on the controller:

4. Enter your four digit parent lock code. Note, if you forgot your parent lock code, you may bypass this screen by inputting 1 9 6 <backspace> 8 7

5. Select Settings (gear icon) and press the "A" button on the controller enter Settings

6. Select "System Info" and press the "A" button on the controller

7. If the "System Version" shows or higher, you have the latest firmware version installed.

8. If the "System Version" shows a version lower than, your LeapTV console does not have the latest firmware version installed. If you have an internet connection, you should see a button labeled "System Update Available". Select this button, then wait for the update to download and install.

9. If you do not have an internet connection, select the "Back" button and then "Network". Connect to your Wi-Fi router or attach an ethernet cable to the LeapTV console and verify you have internet. Then go back to the "System info" screen to update the firmware (System Version).

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