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How long does it take for a purchased app or video to download to my LeapTV console?

Game apps and videos for LeapTV can be purchased from the LeapFrog App Center, accessible by clicking the App Center tab at the top of this page.

Provided your LeapTV console is powered on and has a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the internet, your purchased content will begin downloading within 5 minutes of your purchase.

The time it takes to download and install digital content depends on the file size and the speed of your internet connection.  The size of each download is noted on the product detail page in the App Center.

To provide a very general guideline as to how long it will take to download and install a digital app, the following results were obtained testing downloads using an internet connection with a speed of approximately 3 Mb/s:

File size(MB)     Average time to download and install

       100                             7   minutes
       150                             12 minutes
       500                             30 minutes
     1,000                              1 hour

Please note that downloads will pause anytime you are playing a game cartridge or downloaded app on the LeapTV console. If you have a download that has been taking a long time to complete, try leaving the LeapTV console powered on after your child is done playing.

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  • 12-Jan-2016