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LeapBand is not powering on

The LeapBand will be in a deep sleep mode when initially removed from the box. To wake up the LeapBand for initial use, press and hold down the challenge button for 10 seconds.  The Challenge button is on the upper left side of the device.  It has a small icon of a person on it.

After initially waking up the LeapBand, the screen can be activated by a single push of the challenge or star button.

If the screen does not light up when the star or challenge button are pressed, the battery may be in need of a charge.  With your computer on, plug the LeapBand into a powered USB port on your computer for four hours to fully recharge the LeapBand. When the LeapBand is fully charged, disconnect from the computer and press the star or challenge button to wake the screen.

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  • 12-Jan-2016